Sidai Academy at a glance

Sidai Academy is the training arm of Sidai Africa. We develop training courses and conduct both face to face and blended online training  to Sidai staff, Sidai franchisees, stockist and farmers. Our main objective is to continuously improve the performance of our staff, franchisees, stockist and farmers through

Farmer Training

We provide professional advice to farmers coupled with blended online and face to face training which helps them adopt new ways of doing things hence improving their livestock and crop yields.

Professional Training

Through our Technical Department, we organize online and face to face training to industry professionals to keep them up to date in their areas of profession.

Staff Training

Sidai Academy for staff provides members of staff with an efficient way of continuously attending to self paced online courses geared towards improving their performance at work

Are you a farmer, a group of farmers or a cooperative looking for a special and personalized training, feel free to contact us.