Basic Requirements for profitable poultry farming

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Land is needed for setting up poultry units. It should be well drained and free from land or rock slides. Size is dependent on the owner’s ability and target number of birds to be reared. 1/8th of an acre can easily accommodate 3000 broilers or 1500 layers.

Housing must provide for adequate space, ventilation, lighting, ease of cleaning and isolation, protection from direct winds, rainfall, surface run off, rodents, vermin, intruders and sunlight. Houses range from simple mud walled to air-conditioned modern facilities. The houses should be washable for disease control.

Input supplies/Suppliers for quality equipment, feeds, drugs, supplements and materials reliably to the farm. Sidai has a unique network that assures input quality, cost and supply reliability to support growth of profitable poultry enterprise.

Biosecurity is the exclusion of disease causing and spreading agents from a poultry unit – fences, lockable gates and doors, bush clearing, foot baths, proper housing, hygiene, separate flocks, vaccination among other disease control strategies.

Labour is the human resources required to run the business. Must be keenly and strictly managed or done. Sidai offers regular technical and commercial training courses to staff involved in extension and farm management to improve their skills.

Markets: The role of the business owner to establish market linkages to maximize returns. The farming is as profitable as the market. Sidai encourages farmers to form groups to enable them establish direct sales deals with buyers thus avoiding intermediaries.

Extension/ Technical: Sidai has established a working relationship between farmers and Sidai team of dedicated and reliable poultry extension personnel for a structured farm visit program that ensures that problems are prevented from occurring

Infrastructure determines the cost of delivering imputs, how long it takes to be supplied, how much supplies, the transport cost of produce to market and delivery timelines for poultry products. Sidai has a network of one stop branded and independent outlets that are manned by qualified personnel offering quality products and services affordably closer to the farmers.

Value addition is changing of a product from its original state to a more valuable state – branding, processing, packaging etc. Sidai is encouraging farmers to form groups for produce aggregation, cold storage, input/services access, to encourage value addition and to facilitate linkage to processors and produce buyers. By processing end products higher prices are realized.

Expansion planning is important as the demand for the chicken products grows, the farmer needs to grow more chicken to sustain the market. Expansion is important to attain economies of scales, ensure supply reliability thus securing contracts for commercially viable profitable poultry business.