Costs & Expenses in Poultry Rearing

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Record Keeping in poultry rearing business

  • Placement Date
  • Number placed
  • Deaths
  • Feeds and feeding
  • Vaccination
  • Treatments
  • weights
  • Point of lay
  • Egg production
  • Visitors
  • Sales

Basic financial calculations to guide poultry rearing enterprises

Use  Sidai Costing Template – Broilers and Layers.xls to do cost calculations of your poultry rearing business

Common causes of losses in poultry enterprises

  • Poor quality inputs – poor quality feeds, chicks, supplements, vaccines, labour, technical advice lead to higher cost of production
  • Poor brooding conditions leads to poor growth rates, diseases and deaths
  • Poor housing – overcrowding, poor ventilation, leakage, presence of vermins, proximity to other birds, exposure to rainfall, direct sunlight, drafts affect birds’ growth and health
  • Theft – by servants of neighbors
  • Diseases – due to lack of disease control or poor husbandry practices
  • Poor vaccine handling and vaccination – leading to vaccination failure
  • Multi-age rearing of birds – leads to disease build up
  • Poor clean out between flocks – leads to disease build up
  • Rough handling of birds – leads to injuries and deaths
  • Vices – cannibalism, egg eating, feather pulling/picking leading to injuries and death
  • Lack of records – thus not tracking routine practices and failing to capture all the costs
  • High cost structure – fewer birds, poor quality feeds, expensive labour, fewer crops per year