Factors Favoring Poultry Rearing

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Chicken farming is less resource intensive making it easy to start keeping chicken. Faced with dwindling land sizes and a surging middle class, demand for poultry products is propelling the growth. With as little as 1/8th of an acre, you can start your poultry enterprise and consistently expand it using the proceeds to any level. Most large integrators started modestly to the current huge operations that they have.

Poultry is a source of valuable proteins. Eggs and white meat are a rich and affordable source of animal proteins. Poultry farming is a source of income and employment to millions of people in the value chain. The profit margins are good with rapid returns within 6 weeks for broilers and 5 months for layers.

Poultry wastes are a rich manure for crops and valuable resource in cattle nutrition. This further ensures food security.