Introduction to Poultry Rearing

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Kenya has an estimated population of 32 million chicken with 20% being commercial broilers and layers and 80% being backyard. The sector contributes 7.8% to the Gross Domestic Product and 55% of the livestock sector employing over 3 million people and supporting many value chains. There has been a rapid growth in this sector with increasing number of large scale farmers as more small-scale farmers also join the industry.

Poultry industry has a lot of potential for growth which is currently hindered by issues of farm management, input quality, inadequate technical support and or knowledge amongst the farmers and service providers and poor record keeping.

Many farmers lose birds due to preventable diseases or poor management practices leading to huge financial losses thus hindering growth of commercial poultry farming.

This training seeks to highlight the huge benefits poultry farming can contribute to the economy through correct practices that ensure sustainable and commercial growth.

Successful poultry farming begins with good planning by the farmer to ensure that a good environment is created for the chicken to perform optimally and farmers to access quality imputs and produce markets to ensure healthy chicken, good productivity, minimal cost of production and maximum profits from their poultry enterprises.