Basic steps for good Cleaning & Disinfection

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Remove all equipment, properly wash with soap and water then disinfect and allow to dry in the sun  then keep in a clean store

Lightly spray the house to dampen the dust to allow for ease of removing the manure.

Remove the manure, dust and cobwebs from the house. This is the most time-consuming step, but also a very important step. Clean areas around the poles, in the corners and cracks, top of beams and ledges. Loosen the litter using spades and sweep the litter together. All manure must be removed off the farm and disposed of far away from the farm.

Repair any damages to the floor, wall, roof, laying boxes, doors, lighting equipment, water supply system.

If earthen floor, remove the upper layer attached to manure and refill any depressions

Clear vegetation 3 ft around the house as part of rodent and vermin control.

If using automatic drinkers flush the water lines with an acidic product or descaling agent. Leave overnight, and flush thoroughly the next morning with clean water. Slime has a rich buildup of microbial or disease pathogen contamination.

Check on water storage tanks, repair damages as you clean them of any dirt or slime accumulation.

Rinse house with clean water, to get rid of all the dust and dirt before soaking with detergent.

With water and detergent, thoroughly soak starting from the roof then the wall and floor and allow the detergent to sit in for at least 20 minutes before rinsing. Allow the house to dry. Follow with a suitable insecticide to kill any pest resident in the poultry house like lice, fleas, mites, dung beetle, termites among others.

Apply clean well stitched single layer feed bag curtains on the open part of the poultry walls.

Thoroughly soak with suitable disinfectant starting from the roof, wall to floor and allow to dry.

Swab the floor and walls after cleaning and culture to confirm the quality of cleaning exercise. Repeat the cleaning and disinfection process should the microbial load be found to be high.

Apply 4 – 6 inches of clean wood shavings on the floor and disinfect.

Place rodent baits around the poultry house.