Introduction to Biosecurity in poultry rearing

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What is biosecurity in poultry farms?

All measures carried out to control or stop introduction of the disease-causing pathogens in the poultry premises.

Which are the threats to biosecurity in poultry farms?

  • Wild birds gaining contact with the birds
  • Introduction of new batch of birds into the farm
  • Rodents and domestic animals (e.g. cats and dogs).
  • Contaminated people e.g. hands, clothing, footwear, hair spreading diseases between farms
  • Contaminated poultry equipment e.g. hauling crates, catching equipment, feeders and Drinkers.
  • Contaminated water source or waterers.

What are the key practices to ensure biosecurity in poultry farms?

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • All in All out approach – avoiding multiage poultry flocks
  • Isolation of farms and poultry units
  • Movement control of animals, humans and equipment in the farm
  • Good husbandry and hygiene practices
  • High feed and water quality and delivery system
  • Vaccination