Sidai SBPs Knowledge Point

Sidai SBPs Knowledge Point is a course developed by Sidai Africa team with an aim of educating staff members and industry technical professionals on Sidai branded products that have been developed by Sidai Africa(Kenya) Ltd over time. Sidai Africa has a wide range of SBPs examples being; Sidai Milking Salve, Sidai Poultry Vitamin, Sidai Feeds and many others which serve different purposes in livestock sector.

Majority of farmers do not achieve optimum production of their livestock due to various reasons. One of the major reason attributing to this is poor use of the livestock inputs they purchase from the Agro-dealers which is highly led by wrong advice received from the dealer’s shop or simply lack of access to the right information.

Sidai is proud of its widespread footprint in 32 Kenya’s counties hence serving thousands of farmers across the country. Through sharing SBP’s knowledge with our staff, we believe that we are in a better position to transform the way farmers use our products and hence improve their livestock’s productivity.

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Course Materials

You will learn this course through

  • Online textual content and embedded presentations
  • Videos and animations
  • Downloadable take away notes & case studies