SOLVED Broadcom Bluetooth adapter not working

Since you installed Linux Lite 4.4 and if you are able to get to the desktop and open the terminal window, type the following and see if it helps. So I ve installed linux lite and this thing working and i can run some apps . If the product description shows you the exact manufacturer name of the Wireless adapter, then you may proceed with the following, or else you must stop and look for other solutions. Navigating Linux can be tricky at times, especially when it comes to Shell commands.

The Host Controller Interface provides a command interface for the controller and for the link manager, which allows access to the hardware status and control registers. This interface provides an access layer for all Bluetooth devices. The HCI layer of the machine exchanges commands and data with the HCI firmware present in the Bluetooth device.

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And a user, as you describe him — not understanding and/or not caring about the underlying structure of his OS — has as much business knowing about Linux as he has knowing about the NTOS. He doesn’t even have to know that he runs GNU/Linux! He has, however, a business knowing his distributor, his vendor, and that’s the one he should talk to. Therefore, you only run Vista on hardware that is designed to work with Vista.

  • Due to the fact Wii games are made for PAL/NTSC screens, the GX2’s video encoder must upscale it (which, in my experience, is not very good at doing so…).
  • After reboot the adapter was installed but disabled.
  • I have been able to do every thing I need development wise and school wise.
  • Those same intermittent limited connection issues are going to continue with Windows 10 also.

Lastly do remember that on some laptops pressing Fn + F2 Fixes the issue because the Wireless Card might be disabled. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at More Info all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. It has nothing to do with being spooky, either.

Method 5: Update Broadcom Network Drivers using Third-Party App

You will need it to download and install the proper Broadcom drivers. Once proper driver package is determined, it can be installed this page using a terminal command , or by finding and installing it using the Synaptic Package Manger as noted by firenice03. I installed network-manager-gnome to see if that would help, but it only seemed to recognise the “wired connection” – no mention of wireless at all. I am going to install the correct driver for this wireless card. Then I will remove the “incorrect” driver which Ubuntu installed by default.

(hehehe, got it? Nautilus… Captain Nemo… no? …ehm, forget it then). On a terminal to pop up a Nautilus browser on the current directory. It’s one thing that I like in Windows (except of course you type explorer . instead of nautilus). Although it seems like a bother at first, I kinda grew to like it this way, it’s convenient to be able to activate and deactivate the adapter. More on wireless experience below in the “Application” section.

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